Due to the increasing demands placed on female directors and leaders in ministry, they are at risk for illness, mental fatigue and spiritual burnout. They expend so much time and energy working to support others through their struggles, they often don’t have enough left to sustain their ministry.  We offer leaders a place of respite to renew their energy and passion for their ministry.

These are just a few of their wellness needs we address:

  • Improve ability to focus and think clearly
  • Increase motivation
  • Renew passion for ministry
  • Decrease susceptibility to illness
  • Relief from body tension, fatigue and/or pain
  • Boost energy level

Leaders may choose to stay either 2-nights/3-days or 3-nights/4-days *

*A portion of the proceeds from Leader Respite Retreats will help provide scholarships for survivors of trauma and sexual-exploitation to attend Survivor Retreats

Retreat Includes:

  • Small group workshops specifically designed to support their needs (topics vary)
  • 1:1 wellness coaching session (includes a FREE individualized wellness plan)
  • Time in worship, prayer and reflection
  • Farm-to-table nutritious meals
  • Comfortable full-size beds with luxurious bedding
  • Acess to all of the following Natural Wellness Solutions:
    • Salt room
    • Infrared sauna with chromotherapy
    • Prayer walks
    • Nature hikes
    • Healing pond & garden
    • Private prayer nooks

Also Includes:

Guests who participate in the Leader Respite Retreat are eligible to receive additional wellness benefits:

  • For 3 weeks following their retreat, leaders will receive a FREE 30-minute wellness accountability session each week. These sessions may be conducted via zoom or phone call.
  • Within one year after their initial retreat, leaders may book a second retreat at a 25%  discount
  • Within one year after their initial retreat, leaders may book a private sabbatical at a 25%  discount